deliasherman (deliasherman) wrote,

"Chipper Dialogues"

Ron Pasquariello's "The Chipper Dialogues" are up on the Interfictions 2 Annex.

I love thus (truth to tell, I love them all)  story (poem, dialogue, weird thing).  It's a wonderful evocation of the relationship between man and dog, told in haiku, with the dog getting absolutely equal time.  I laughed until I cried over some of the haiku, but my final response was to be moved.  Read it, please.

If you haven't done it before, please also check out "Four Very True Tales" by Kelly Barnhill, "Nylon Seam" by F. Brett Cox, and "To Set Before the King" by Genevieve Valentine.  They're all my favorites, too.  Which is possible because they're all so different.  "Four Very True Tales" is domestic surrealism, with a side of pure lyricism.  "Nylon Seam" is noir meets rock and roll, with the extra added bonus of a recording of Brett singing the song the story riffs on.  And "To Set Before the King" is a fairy tale with the subtext--and the grue--brought to the surface. 

And there are four more after this, one every Wednesday, each as interesting as the last.

Tags: interfictions, shameless self-promotion
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