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We almost never go to movies in actual movie theatres. In New York city, it's $12 a ticket, and frankly? There aren't many movies that are worth that to me.

But we're in California, where movies are part of the air you breathe, and theatres show the Oscar-Nominated short subjects. So we went to see Coraline.

It was wonderful. Even without the special 3-D effects, the difference between Coraline's real world and the Other Mother's world still really pops. The visuals! The invention! The voice acting!

There are differences between the movie and the book--most significantly the addition of a friend for Coraline. But I didn't mind them. Books are books and movies are movies, with different aesthetic needs and demands. But the heart of the story is there, and the essential, Neil Gaiman charm of it. And that's the important thing, right?
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