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ComicCon! OMG.

Spidermen and Rorsharchs and Jokers, Oh, my! And artists sketching and teenage girls cruising in a flying wing formation, holding up a hand-lettered sign offering free hugs and many, many super-cool t-shirts, and kids playing video games and a woman in a pair of golden horns that would make a Longhorn low with envy and not (it must be said) much else. And hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of old comics and new comics and little figurines of cartoons I've never heard of. There's even a booth selling wall-boxes to display them in.

And there are fans.

Not, in New York, many costumed ones--relatively speaking. And most of them were the aforementioned comic/movie characters. There were anime Lolita Goth-types, and a certain number of maids in little frilly aprons showing their knickers and their garters. Spike-haired punkoids, a small company of Storm Troopers, several female members of the original crew of the Starship Enterprise, enough ninjas to take out the Senate (if they'd had any weaponry. Or maybe it was just well-hidden?), a Chewbacca, a Mario, a Pacman, and many, less-identifiable (at least by me) characters from games and comix and cartoons I know not of.

Yes, I bought comics. I've spent part of today (when I really ought to have been doing something useful and necessary) curled up in bed with Fables 8 and 9 and Girl Genius 1 and 2.

If you don't know about Girl Genius, click on the link and prepare to enjoy yourself. Steam-punk is far too limiting a description. I think of it more as a Ruritanean (or perhaps Graustarkian) adventure, with buckles swashing right and left, science cuddled tight with magic, romance that never gets ooey, and heroines with big, beautiful, buoyant brains and the ability to use them. Also airships and robots and strange and wonderful machines. And have I mentioned that it's very, very funny? And that Phil Foglio is a wonderful artist? And that I got to tell him so in person? Yes, I totally fangirled Phil Foglio, complete with babbling.

Some things you never get too old for.

So, yes, I enjoyed myself. Still, my hat's off to those who can stand the noise and the general unpleasantness of the Javitz Center for three straight days. One day was enough for me.
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