deliasherman (deliasherman) wrote,

The Pictures I Promised

OK, it didn't work exactly as I thought it would. Maybe this time, it'll work better.

This is what I've been calling the Faerie Court--5 young people who more than looked the part. Some of them knew each other before, but I think the final configuration happened at the con. They are Bonnie Scott, Paul Marlowe, Danielle, Drew Fairyone, and Katerina Korolov, and they certainly made my day.

This is Wendy and me--at the Bad Fairies Ball, of course. Wendy looks more like the Fairy Who Can Be Snarky Occasionally. I look more like Lady Hamilton Risen From the Dead, which will teach me to wear bright red lipstick and a black curly wig. The moth wings are courtesy of 29 rue St. Sulpice (which should have a website at some point). They have long curly tails down the back.
Tags: con report
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