October 1st, 2012

Writing redhead

Clothing the Characters

I've been cheating on my current WIP (hopefully soon to be my ex-WIP) with my next WIP.  It's set in New York, on the eve of the Great Depression (at least at the beginning.  *Spoiler*  Everybody loses all their money), and my heroine, Isabelle (or maybe Isabel, I'm not sure) is a Young Lady of Means.  Of course she needs dresses, so I've been spending many happy hours on OMGThatDress shopping for her.  So far, I've mostly found party dresses, of which this is my favorite.

[Yes, I know a 2nd grader can upload pictures from Pinterist.  Sadly, I'm not a 2nd grader.  Somebody is going to have to show me, slowly, several times.  I've finally learned to follow knitting patterns, but computer directions?  Not so much.]

Oh.  Anybody who knows a good, layman's book about the causes of the Great Depression (the first one, this would be), lay it on me.  Because I'm stockpiling research.