February 10th, 2012


Seven Miles of Steel Thistles

I feel a little sheepish puffing off a blog post I wrote for someone else, when I've been so remiss here.  In extenuation, I wrote it last year, and this is a re-run.  Katherine Langrish asked me for a post about a fairytale I particularly loved for her blog "Seven Miles of Steel Thistles," and ran it last fall.  She's running the series again, and my post is up today.

Katherine Langrish is a wonderful British YA writer, whose books have not had the distribution in the states that they deserve.  She really, really knows her folklore, and creates characters and settings that really live.  Her landscapes are characters, and active ones at that.  The Shadow Hunt, Troll Fell, Troll Mill, and Troll Blood are the ones I've read, but there are more.  And they're available from Powell's.

And my post?  It's about "The Snow Child," a Russian fairytale about adoption and dying young, which made a strong impression on me as an asthmatic child.  She's decorated the post with lovely illustrations I'd never seen before.

Con or Bust Auction

I've got my knitting needles and my red pen out.  I'm offering a 6 cup tea cosy (because why break a winning streak?) and a critique of 10,000 of your fictional words.   con_or_bust  helps fans of color to attend more cons.  The bidding starts tomorrow, and the offerings look scrumptious, so please bid what you can.