February 2nd, 2012



I'm a bad dog.  I've been neglecting my blogging duties.  We weren't going to the theater all that much, all our traveling was family-related, to places I'd been before (plus, I got sick in Florida, and the inside of a time-share condo is of limited interest--take my word for it), I was battling a story that seemed determined to defeat me, I got caught up in the instant-gratification of Twitter and Facebook.  The usual excuses, in fact:  too busy, too distracted, too out of words.

After all these years, I know perfectly well that promises of being better in the future are worth considerably less than the machine I'm typing on.  But I do have 3 plays to tell you about (and have had some time to think about how I feel about them, which can only be a Good Thing), and good news to impart (I finished the story, for instance, and it doesn't stink.  At least it was bought by the anthology I wrote it for, so I'll call that a win).  And I miss checking in with you.

OK.  Off to the chiropractor (he's dealing with an injury I've had for 20 years, and it's much better now, thank heaven and him) and some errands, and then it's home and PLAY REVIEWS.  Because I really need to get what I thought of War Horse and The Enchanted Island off my chest.