December 8th, 2011


Guest Blog!

Malinda Lo asked me to do a guest blog on Diversity in Y.A. Literature  If you haven't read it before, it's a great blog, developed by Malinda Lo and Cindy Pon.  Here's their statement of intent:

DIYA is a positive, friendly gathering of readers and writers who want
to see diversity in their fiction. We come from all walks of life and
backgrounds, and we hope that you do, too. We encourage an attitude of
openness and curiosity, and we welcome questions and discussion. Most of
all, we can’t wait to have fun sharing some great books with you!

And they succeed.  I've read some wonderful posts on this blog, including an interview with Cassandra Clare and a thoughtful article on American Indians and Diversity in Young Adult Literature.  Check it out.  And you can check my post on Freedom Maze, too.

When I began writing The Freedom Maze,
back in 1987, I didn’t intend to write a book about race. I intended to
write a book about time travel and a shy, bookish girl who learned that
adventures are very different to read about than to live. I set it in
Louisiana because I like Louisiana and have spent a certain amount of
time down there when I was a child, visiting my mother’s family. I sent
my heroine back to 1860 because I’m interested in societies on the edge
of war, and not so much in war itself.