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November 29th, 2011

Knitting Quandry

I'm making a couple of tea cozys for the Magick 4 Terri auction, one for a 2-cup pot, and one for a 6-cup pot.  The little one is done, and came out really nice and, well, cozy.  The bigger one, however, is giving me hives.  I just can't make the pattern make sense.  I should probably just give up and make another, Delia-friendlier pattern, but I LIKE this one, dammit.  It's "Double Diamonds" out of the Guild of Master Craftsman book Cozies 2, and it looks like it should be perfectly simple. 


Here's the problem.  I knit along happily, ribbing 6 rows over 41 stitches, increasing to 51.  Row 1 of the pattern, no problem.  The stitches add up to 51, everything's fine.  Row 2, it all falls apart.  If any of you can can explain to me how K3, (p1, m1p, k3, p2tog, p7, p2tog tbl, k3, m1p) twice, p1, m1p, k3, p2tog, p2, k3 can be worked over 51 stitches, I'd be grateful.  Because I run out of stitches at the last p2tog, leaving the end of the pattern (p.2, k3) hanging in thin air.  And when I count out the number of stitches I need, I come out with 55.  And I don't know enough about how patterns work to fake it.

All the even rows are similarly loopy.

5 people on Ravelry have made this cozy, and posted pictures of it, so it's not impossible.  One person has noted, wistfully, the same problem I'm having, but nobody has answered her. 

Help?  For a good cause?

If any of you can help me figure this out, I'll make you one of your own.  In the color of your choice.  Promise.

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