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November 8th, 2011

First Freedom Maze Event!


I can hardly wait.  Luckily I (and any New Yorkers who are interested) don't have to.  There's going to be a not-very-sneak Preview and Signing at Books of Wonder, as part of their Fantastic Fiction for Teens event on Sunday, November 13, from 1-3 pm

It's a great line-up:

JOHN CONNOLLY - The Infernals
RAE CARSON - The Girl of Fire and Thorns
MATTHEW CODY - The Dead Gentleman
DELIA SHERMAN - The Freedom Maze
LEANNA RENEE HIEBER - Darker Still: A Novel Of Magic Most Foul

Expect brief readings and a chance to ask us all questions and get us to sign books.

Y'all come, now.

You're also warmly invited to a launch party at the Center for Fiction on November 22nd, 6:30-9:30.  There will be cake.  Details To Follow.

* * *

For those not in NYC: I'll be in Philadelphia at Big Blue Marble on November 17th!

FaerieCon Report

It was magical.  There were satyrs and gnomes and a whole forest full of greenmen.  There were flower fairies and ice fairies and queenly fairies and steampunk fairies, fairies with wings and fairies without, baby fairies, ageless fairies, and everything in between.  There were racks of faerie garb, wings, headpieces, ears, and sparkly threads to tie in your hair (I have some tied in mine).  There was jewelry, art, furniture, hats, and fairy houses carved out of branches and filled with tiny furniture and found treasures.  There were old friends (Charles Vess, Charles de Lint, Maryanne Harris, Brian and Wendy Froud), recent friends (Tiffany Trent , Annette Curtis Klause, and Franny Billingsley), and brand spanking-new friends (Melissa Marr, Carolyn Turgeon, Raven Grimmassi, and Mia Nutick) to talk and play with.

What was lovely about it (apart from the conversations and the clothes and the panels), was the general aura of happiness that pervaded the space.  Everybody was their best sparkly self in whatever combination of leaves, silk, leather, fishnet, headgear, felt, bells, tinsel, face paint, elf ears, jeans, beads, silver, and synthetic fur made them feel like a million bucks (or currency of their choice).  There was lots of spontaneous admiration of costumes, discussion of wing placement, and impromptu processions of pre-adolescent children through the marketplace with wands and flower wreaths.  There was dancing on Friday and Saturday (Good and Bad Faerie Balls, respectively).  I kept meaning to go in and dance Friday (the music sounded wonderful), but ended up hanging out outside catching up with All and Sundry gathered around Charles Vess and his bottle of Jamison's.  Saturday night, we actually made it inside, and danced happily to the wonderfully medievaloid music of Qntal (which I have to download, when I get a minute, because *love*).

The panels were grand.  Since the moderator for the Urban Fantasy panel didn't show up, I moderated, abusing my position to dragoon Frannie Billingsley onto it.  She made a very good counterpoint to regularly-scheduled panelists Tiffany Trent, Melissa Marr, and Amy Brown.  The next day, it was Bordertown all the way, with two panels, one focusing on the creation of Bordertown in particular and one on collaboration and creating shared worlds in general.  Robert Gould moderated them both, beautifully, and the audience had a lot of good questions and comments, which is always a sign of a good panel.  Sunday, Raven Grimassi, Carolyn Turgeon, Ellen, and I addressed Folklore of Southern and Central Europe, which spread (as these things will) into Folklore of Everywhere Except The British Isles, with excursions into philosophy, social history, anthropology, and general fairytale geekery. 

In other news, I bought a dress--a costume--a gown of great glory

I didn't buy the hoops, though.  My suitcase was already a Black Star of solid packingness.

And a pair of wings, which I don't regret, no, not for a nano-second.

And now I must go consult my crystal ball to try and figure out how many people are likely to show up to my launch party (NYC, Nov. 22nd, you're all invited) for The Freedom Mazeso I know how many cheese straws and deviled eggs to make.

ETA: PHOTO!  Which [info]mnemex told me how to insert.  Watch out, world!  I can haz photoz neow.

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