October 12th, 2011



It's 34 days to pub day for my new teen historical novel, The Freedom Maze.  Which sounds like a long time until I start thinking about all the things I have to do between now and then.  Like tell you about my ARC giveaway contest.

Big Mouth House (a very big big deal but a very small establishment) only printed a very few ARCs.  How few?  Only enough for major print reviewers, that's how few.  I, however, am the Author.  I got four.  I gave one to Jane Yolen, who has been hearing about this book and being encouraging and supportive since 1988.   One I'm keeping because I've already marked it up for reading in 10, 15, and 30 minute chunks.

Which leaves me two Advance Reading Copies to give away.

Here's how the contest works.

Post this link to the Small Beer Press page for The Freedom Maze on the social media of your choice--your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, whatever. 

Then put the link to wherever you posted in the comments below by midnight (your time) October 18.

On October 19, I will randomly select two winners from the comments below and send them the ARCs, along with a Small Token of my Appreciation.

Posting a link will not only put you in the running for an advance peek at The Freedom Maze, but is a great way to help the cause of independent publishing. Which, in this increasingly conservative publishing climate, is very important for the future of all writers of odd, provocative, non-dominant-culture books.  Let's show the Big Boys how many of us there are out there.

edited to fix dates.  Sheesh.  And we BOTH proofread it, too.