October 6th, 2011


Bookshops Ahoy!

As you know, Bobs, The Freedom Maze is coming out next month.  And the Big Machine of New York Publisher Publicity arranging my author appearances is, well, me.  And since I'd be the last person I'd hire if I were hiring a publicist, I'm going to need some help--other than Ellen, who has got a book of her own to write, which you will love and must beg her for, because she'll listen to you.


I'm made a beginning:  There will be a launch at Books of Wonder, an appearance at The Big Blue Marble in Philly, possibly something at Porter Square Books in Cambridge--all of which I will tell you all about in due course.  But I'd like to throw my net a little farther afield.  Anybody in training distance (Baltimore, Washington, like that), or in Louisiana (where the book is set), who knows a bookstore or library or anybody at all who they think might be interested in me talking to them about a signing, reading, historical event of some kind, now's the time to tell me.  Because I've finished this draft of my WIP, and am ready to dive into writing people who have never heard of me, asking if I can come talk about my book to them (eep).  
Burroughs portrait

The Past Two Days

I give up.  I've tried to upload a picture Augusten Burroughs took of me today TWICE, and all that happened was that the whole post got lost somewhere in the ether.  Maybe I'll have more patience with it tomorrow.  Anyway, for a lovely account of what we've been up to (because ellen_kushner has better LJ-fu than I do), I'm linking to her cunning post.  And, while I couldn't get the $&*$(!!! picture to upload to the Scrapbook, I did manage to make an icon of it.  So there it is.

I like it a lot.  It actually looks like what I think I look like.