October 2nd, 2011



The wonderful Erin Underwood has posted the first chapters of many fine novels, including Beth Bernobich's The Fox and the Phoenix and Cherie Priest's Hellbent and Lev Grossman's The Magician King and a whole bunch of other stuff.  Including The Freedom MazeCheck it out.  TFM is a ways down the page, with a lovely synopsis and the cover and all the front matter from the book.
Sadly, there's no order button.  Even more sadly, my website doesn't have one either (working on it--hand on my heart).  If you're interested, you can preorder (hardcover or ebook) at Small Beer Press or (hardcover only) at Amazon.

The book itself is coming out November 15, so there will be contests and giveaways and launch news and deleted chapters and suchlike.

I really want this book to do well, not only because it's mine and it's a book of the heart and I've been working on it longer than forever, but because Small Beer Press took a chance on it when nobody else would.  Being small means you have to take risks, publish books the big boys won't, even though running a small press is a hard (and expensive) row to hoe and when you lose your shirt, well, it's your actual shirt you're losing.  I'd love Freedom Maze to do well for Big Mouth House, put them even more firmly on the map and in the black, allow them to buy more books The Marketing Department doesn't know how to sell, and generally keep the likes of Kathe Koja and Geoff Ryman and Karen Joy Fowler and Ted Chiang in print and out there for the world to read.