July 26th, 2011



There's lots of stuff I've been wanting to write about.  Teaching (fun and challenging).  Hollins (lovely and friendly).  The books I've been reading (joining the happy chorus on Linnets and Valerians).  But the other thing about teaching (particularly when it's been years since I actually taught a real course, and never a creative writing course) is that it's both engaging and time-consuming.  And the other thing about being in a friendly place with very friendly faculty is that there are cook-outs and kareoke nights and sitting around on the porch with our housemates watching the fireflies and talking about The Wizard of Earthsea and "The Goose Girl" and "The Girl Who Pretended to be a Boy" and Tolkein and Lewis and Charles Williams and Jo Walton and dragons and oh, everything.  

And I'm trying to do revisions on The Wizard's Apprentice.

And my computer died.  Hardware failure.  

I'm all backed up (thanks to Dropbox, which may be Evil, but is currently saving my butt), and I've got access to Ellen's machine (when she is not using it--oh, maybe 20 minutes a day), and the department Dell (Arrrggghhhhh!).  So I can do everything I have to do, and I'm grateful for that.  But I can't deny that I miss my computer like fury.

We'll be home next week.  I'll be glad to be in NYC again, despite the heat, the bustle, the grittiness of Summer in New York.  Because Roanoke, however pretty and peaceful, has no nearby Apple Store, my cottage has no washing machine (or decent stove), and my colleagues, however compatible and warm, aren't my writing-dating, KGB and NYRSF Reading attending, play-going, lunching, sitting around my dinner tabling Tribe of Friendly New Yorkers (and contiguous staters).  Whom I miss.  Quite a lot.  (I know I saw many of you at Readercon, but "HI!  Bye!"  hardly counts as anything more than antly antennae-waggling).

Home Wednesday.  See you soon thereafter!