July 6th, 2011

IF0 cover

New Essay On Interfictions Zero!

A lovely new essay on Interfictions Zero.  Here's my co-editor Helen Pilinovsky's description:

This month, Kat Howard gives us a fascinating meditation on the nature of legend, specifically, the legend of King Arthur, and all the connotations that he bears.  "The Once and Future King," a term from Malory interpreted somewhat ... literally ... by T.H. White, is a figure who is now nigh-on impossible to consider at a single point on his continuum.  Arthur implies Camelot implies its Fall, in what's thus far been an endless circle ... albeit one that, paradoxically, promises a resolution.  Kat Howard of Stony Brook University, critic and author (her communal blog, Fantasy Matters, tackles fascinating topic after fascinating topic, and her story "A Life in Fictions" is just out in the recently published Stories, edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio), does full justice to the topic in the cleverly titled "The Once and Future Story.

I love this essay.  It makes you look at one of the old warhorses of fantasy with fresh eyes.   And a new decoration by Michael Kaluta!