May 17th, 2011

knitting sheep

To The Guild of Master Craftsman Publications

Dear Guildmaster:

In re. your book Tea Cozies 2.

Pretty pictures.  Cute cozies with even cuter names.  Attractive and easily read instructions.  High marks for font, layout, design, paper.  Alpha +, in fact.

For everything but the proofreading.

I embarked on Assam (an elephant, for the curious, with a scarlet and gold headdress.  The spout makes the trunk.  There are tusks and bells and tassels.  You could purely die of the cute.  It's for a raffle, of which more when it's closer to happening.).  One side, the other side.  Moss stitch, holes for the i-cord to pass through at the top, easy-peasy.  Ears--piece of cake.  Bells.  Fussy, but perfectly straightforward.  Headdress.


After an hour or so of staring at the pattern for the gold scalloped trim, trying it this way, trying it that way, messaging the friend who had recommended the book to me (innocently--she's never made Assam), picking it up, putting it down, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, putting my kit-bag together for our upcoming trip to France (Wednesday), it finally dawned on me.  The sentences of the entire headdress section had been printed out of order. 

This makes you lose faith, you know?  Which was probably just as well, because I discovered that using the 3.75mm needles for the tusks (as instructed) resulted in tweedly little 2" tusks instead of 3" tusks, as specified.  Even on the 4.0mm needle, the tusks were too short, so I added 4 rows and an extra increase, which actually looks about right.  And I have grave doubts about the guage of the headdress, too.

And, unfortunately, about every other pattern in this book, because sheesh.  Being a stubborn soul (and strongly desiring the cabled teapot in Aran wool), I'll probably venture in again.  But you're on notice.

No love,