January 22nd, 2011

Writing redhead

On Being A Fool

I'm on my way out into the cold and snow (yes, even in NYC) to meet with a young writer over a story she won a critique on, but I couldn't wait to get this post out into my part of the blogosphere.  It's Terri Windling on the importance of Foolery to creative work, the courage and blind faith it takes to put yourself out there, ass's ears and angel wings and all, when you're making art.  She quotes Cynthia Heimel, ellen_kushner , and me, but mostly she is her own wise and lyrical self, and she certainly made me want to find a windmill to throw my bonnet over (metaphorically speaking, of course) in the story I'm working on, because lord knows, it needs one.

But first, Engagement With A Text In Progress.  Which I love.  For me, critique sessions like this are warm-up exercises for writing.  I shall have a lovely veggie lunch, a lovely critique, and then I'll come home and WORK.