December 13th, 2010


NYRSF Reading!

It's that time of year again, when ellen_kushner and I do The Family Christmas Reading at NYRSF.  It's a week later than usual, owing to Ralph Vicinenza's memorial service being scheduled for the usual time, and results in NYRSF and KGB occurring on consecutive nights rather than a week and a day apart, so it's extra-special.

I will be reading from The Freedom Maze (if I can get the scene I want to read edited to my satisfaction by then).  Ellen will be reading "The Duke of Riverside," which will appear in the forthcoming Windling/Datlow anthology Naked Cities.  NYRSF reading (in case you haven't been recently) have moved to the Soho Gallery of Digital Art, 138 Sullivan Street, NYC.  Things start at 6:30, although the door opens before then.  There's a $5 suggested donation toward refreshments and taking the readers out to dinner afterwards. 

See you there, I hope.