November 15th, 2010

Writing redhead

Old Road Maps of Louisiana

Our trip to Louisiana (which I will tell you about, promise.  Because there were Fun Adventures, plus dancing!) really galvanized me to start the final draft of my much-drafted middle-grade double-historical, The Freedom Maze (due out next year from Big Mouth Press, the children's division (!) of Small Beer).  I took many pictures of slave cabins and spinning wheels and New Orleans half-tester beds and many notes of roads and bridges and useful facts about sugar cane.  (Did you know 19th C. sugar cane was shorter and more fragile than modern sugar cane?  They crossed it with bamboo so it would stand up to heavy rain better.  But I digress.)

Anyway, I find myself in dire need of a road map of Louisiana, vintage 1960.  Does anybody out there know where I could find one, just to look at?  Or own one I could ask questions about?  I just want to know what route Our Heroine's mother would have taken to drive from New Orleans to, say, Jenerette, LA (which is more or less stands in for my fictional town of Oakwood).  I'm guessing some combination of 182 and 631, but things have changed so much since rte 90 was built that it's impossible to tell what it was like around there before.  I know it was possible to drive from New Orleans to the bayou country in 1960--I did it with my mother.  But I wasn't paying much attention to roads at that point.