October 27th, 2010


WFC Schedule

Here it is!  My schedule for World Fantasy.  Two panels; no readings (wait until next year, when I will actually have a book coming out I can read from!)

2010 Oct 29 
 Panel B06:  The Fairy Tale as a Specific Form. Gabe Dybing (m), Delia
 Sherman, Leah Bobet, James Dorr, Terri-Lynne DeFino

2010 Oct 31 
 11AM  Panel A20: What Is Left to the Imagination. Lawrence Connolly,  
   Madeleine Robbins, Delia Sherman, Martha Wells (m), Gregory Wilson
 Panel B26: EC Comics and Their Influence. Andy Duncan, Gini Koch,
 Robert Jeschonek, Scott Edelman (m)

Plus, there's the signing at B&N on Saturday from 11am-1pm.  I'll also be at the mass signing at the con on Friday night.   Feel free to come up and say hi at any time--don't be shy.  For me, this is a Social Con, where I get to talk to friends, new and old, the more the merrier.

Now, all I have to do is pack.  And find my business cards.  And print out some new CFP's for Interfictions Zero.  And finish this fairytale thingy I promised to write for a friend's blog.  Urk.