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September 23rd, 2010

Going Home

Back in Auckland Airport again, waiting for our flight to Los Angeles.  Thanks to miles and Air Canada, we're in the Premium Lounge, where there is not only hot and cold running Four-Bean Salad, Maylasian Chicken Stew and really good champagne, but also a 20 minute complimentary reflexology session.  My piggies are very happy piggies, thank you, and after the hill up to Alan's house, they really needed some attention.

I'm going to catch up with the last few breathless days on the plane, post them when I get home.  But in the meantime, I just want to say publically that the fans of Wellington, New Zealand are a delightful group of people, individually and in the aggregate.  tyellas set up a gathering at a lovely dessert and drink bar called The Library, where we got to see Stephen (who took us hiking on the Paths of the Dead--I'll tell you all about it, don't worry) and Tamara again (they raise alpacas--I'll tell you about that, too.  Ellen went seriously woogie over the babies.  Unfortunately, I doubt they could be housebroken, or we might be having a seriously weird conversation with the co-op board:  "It's not much bigger than a Great Dane.  And it doesn't bark--it only hums.  If you let us have two, I'll knit you a sweater.").  We also got to meet a number of other fen whose names (when I heard them) are in a notebook I packed in my suitcase, ditto their cards.  Those of you on LJ, let me know who you are.  Even if I have a memory like a leaky sieve, I can remember that you showed me a lovely time.  Thank you.

As always at the end of a long trip, I'm both sad to be leaving and ready to be home again.  My clothes are taking on personalities of their own, and my sweater and I haven't been on speaking terms since the zipper broke in Wiapura.  I'm anxious to see my eye doctor, my chiropractor, and my hairdresser, pretty much in that order, and will be making appointments with them the second we get in the door.  As much as I've loved meeting new people here, I'm missing my New York friends, and looking forward to Sirens and visiting Tucson and WFC.  Also to getting back to writing regularly, to the final revision of Freedom Maze and finishing the first draft of Wizard's Apprentice.  In short, 4 weeks isn't nearly long enough to be in the Antipodes, but it's a long time to be away from home.

Oh, my eye's much better.  Although my vision is still a little blurry around the edges, Cthulu has departed entirely, and the black blizzard has faded to gray.  Thank you for all your good wishes.  They made me feel very much supported and loved at a freaky and fragile time.  You guys are the utter best.

They just called the plane, so I better pack this up and hit send.

Next stop:  HOME!!!

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