August 19th, 2010



It's late winter/early spring in the Southern Hemisphere.  Given the geography and size of Australia, and the fact that we're jaunting up to New Zealand as well, this means we have to be prepared for anything between (say) F 50 to F70, give or take a degree or so.  Which means that I have to ignore all my easy-to-pack, light-as-a-feather summer clothes and haul the midweight sweaters and turtlenecks and pants, grumbling and protesting, out from under the bed and the top of the guestroom closet where they've been slumbering peacefully since June, expecting to stay there until at least late September.  And then (when the temp's 90 F out, although the humidity broke last night, thank goodness), I have to imagine wearing them.

I am a woman of considerable imagination.  But my mind boggles.

In other news, Ellen has, at the very last moment, charmed Air Canada into letting us fly straight home from LA on the last leg to NYC instead of routing us through Phoenix.  We are Very Pleased.  And I have a new suitcase I got on sale at Century 21, which is neither too small nor yet too big, but (I sincerely hope) Just Right for hauling around on trains while containing everything I'll need for 4 weeks of travel, including a WorldCon.

We leave Sunday morning at 7.  Wish us luck.