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June 15th, 2010

My road to you-know-where is well-paved.  I have a couple of posts floating about my head, and really did mean to get them out there, but, well.  Life and work.

Anyway, we're home now, having taken a red-eye out of Heathrow at 9:10 last night, which got us in our door at 1:30 this morning.  And of course I woke up at 6, completely incapable of even thinking of going back to sleep.  Result:  I'm pretty much unpacked, I've made a grocery list, I've downloaded all the photos I took (not nearly enough, but I'm not used to my new camera yet, and I had plenty to do without wrestling with the Operating Instructions, which are written in Upper Middle Gobbledygook).  I've read (but not answered) my email.  I've unpacked the wonderful blue-and-white polka-dot 40's dress I ordered from Trashy Diva and tried it on (fits perfectly--thank you, Trashy Diva) and the super-cool birds-on-a-wire "Songs in a Green Shade" Elise earrings (thank you, Elise) that came while I was gone.  And had some utterly unsatisfying, chalky American yogurt for breakfast because there isn't anything else in the house. 

And now I want a nap.

But first, I thought I'd share this video with you, sent me by my adored Cousin Walter from South Carolina, who looks kind of like a cross between Bill Clinton and Terri Thomas and finds the durndest stuff on the internet.

It's in French, but a knowledge of the language isn't necessary.  After all, I once learned how to fold t-shirts from a video entirely in Japanese.

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