May 3rd, 2010


Spreading the Word

I've known Laurie Marks a long time.  We were introduced by our mutual agent when I was a newbie with one book and a few short stories to my name and Laurie had just sold her second book.  She was going to one of the big national cons for the first time, and our agent asked me to introduce her around, since she was shy.  She was also (our agent said) smart and talented and driven and extremely nice.  We would (our agent said) like each other very much.  This turned out to be a bit of an understatement.  In 1995, we started a writing group--which is still meeting, with the original four members, in the face of two moves away from Boston and many life changes.  She's an engaged and inspiring teacher, a cogent and useful critic, a remarkable writer, and a wonderful friend.  And her wife, Deb Mensinger, is just as wonderful.  Without her carpentry skills, our Somerville farmhouse would never have been as pretty or cozy or useful as it ended up being.  And without her lavender shortbread, life wouldn't be worth living

For many years, now, Deb Mensinger has suffered from a rare form of porphyria, which has destroyed her liver.  She needs a new one, and her blessed brother has agreed to donate a portion of his to help her out.  (Livers regenerate.  Who knew?)  The problem is that he lives on the West Coast and is uninsured, and Deb's insurance won't pay to fly him out etc., etc., etc.

So a fandom auction is stepping in to help Deb, her wife (Laurie J. Marks, author of the Elemental Logic series, the Children of the Triad series, The Watcher's Mask, and Dancing Jack, and guest of honor at WisCon 31) and her brother.  It is going on even as we speak.  ellen_kushner has donated books and a short-story critique.  Terri Windling has contributed an original painting.  I am donating books and critiquing time, and possibly Lunch as well.  Please visit debsliverlovers  to  bid or offer items of your own, and please help spread the word. Thank you!

If you can do nothing else to help, please buy Laurie's books.