April 27th, 2010


Oh, Pooh

Feeling somewhat crabby, owing to Viking having politely declined to publish the third volume of the New York Between series, aka The Dragon of Wall Street.  And after I'd gone to all the trouble of making up a plot and everything.

These things happen.  But we do not have to like them.

In other news, I have spent a useful day taking apart Chapter 11 and putting it back together again in a very different configuration, so All Is Not Doom and Gloom here at Chateau Riverside.  I also made a quite nice teryaki with Spanish Mackerel ("if you're good, dear, you shall have a mackerel"), with leftover kale (heaven bless curly kale, which can sit in the back of the fridge for ages and still saute up a treat) and short-grained brown rice.  And a glass of wine, because all I'm doing tonight is typing up what I wrote today.  And a very beautiful man was sitting by me at Starbucks, crooning "Happy Birthday" into his cell phone and telling "baby" he was so sorry he couldn't make the party, but he had a rehearsal.  I'd hate to think I didn't believe him just because he was beautiful.  But there was something about his voice.  It was exactly the same tone he used when he leaned forward, made eye contact, and asked me to watch his stuff while he went to the restroom.  And when he got back?  He touched my shoulder lightly as he thanked me. And all I could think was:  Actor.  Bad News.

Tell me, am I guilty of Prejudice Against Beautiful Men with Velvet Voices?  Or is it just I-was-just-dumped crabbiness?

I enjoyed the interaction, though.  Also the wine and the dinner.  And Chapter 11 is better than it was.  And now I get to look forward to The Wizard's Apprentice when I'm done with Freedom Maze.  Life is good.
Writing redhead

Scrivener Query

Anybody know if there's a way to create a timeline on Scrivener?  I'm perfectly willing to surround myself with calendar printouts and torn-open paper bags in many colors, but it seems like a nice thing to know how to do.  If Scrivener will do it.  And please don't tell me to get another program, even if it is a Rolls Royce among programs and Scrivener is a VW Golf.  I don't think I could face learning a new program just now with anything like equanimity.