February 22nd, 2010



Not the comestible:  the rock star.  At St. Ann's Warehouse, with scbutler and his lovely wife.  A new show called Making It, where Making It = the show and love and getting through what was probably a fairly messy breakup with his now ex--who is in the show too.  I like Stew lots.  Passing Strange was one of my favorite plays of 2008 (although I didn't blog it.  Ellen promised to, but I couldn't find her post).   I wasn't as ecstatic about this show, but then, it's not a play.  I'm afraid I'm Word Girl all the way through:  I like music fine, but I'm really in it for the lyrics. 

Anyway, Stew is a force of nature:  political, provocative, foul-mouthed, scathingly honest, and smart, smart, smart.  Funny, too, in a wry sort of way.  Why he thought wearing an orange jumpsuit that made him look like a pumpkin in a suit jacket was a good idea is a bit puzzling, but hey, it's his body:  he should dress it as he likes.  As long as he keeps coming up with things like "The Treat Me Right Song."