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January 23rd, 2010

The Post That Got Away

Last night, I wrote a long and (I thought) rather amusing post on the subject of the Great Window Grill Adventure, a surreal situation comedy in two fits.  And then I hit "Post" and then LJ informed me that it was down for regular maintenance.  And the post was gone.  Never to be retrieved, I'm afraid, and not to be reconstructed, because I have to get on a train for Boston in two hours and I've got a cold and I'm not packed and I have to work on revising "The Mystery of Cwmlech Manor" on the train.  All I have time to say (briefly) is that rm 's arm is not broken, that we did not get lost on our way back from Harlem, that the grills did fit into the storage unit, along with most of the boxes and pictures that were in there to begin with, and that Ed Norton from The Honeymooners is apparently still alive and well and moving furniture in Queens and Manhattan.

And now I have to go dose myself with decongestant and find the ms for The Freedom Maze (which is why we're going to Boston, so my writing group can sit on it and pummel it into submission) and throw a sweater and a nightgown into a bag.  Gah.

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