November 20th, 2009

pirate + girl

That's Second Life

One of the Interfictions 2 authors, Ray Vukcevich ("The Two of Me") has a friend who runs a bookstore on Second Life. He is very kindly setting up a virtual reading event there, with 5 other authors and an editor.

Perhaps it doesn't need saying that I have never been on Second Life before. I hardly have time to live my First Life, after all, and I'm not overwhelmingly comfortable conversing with people who both are and aren't really there. Still, I have more time than my massively over-committed co-editor, and I feel that it's my responsibility to support and introduce my authors and be The Official Representative of the IAF. Plus, I'm curious.

So I volunteered.

Fast-forward to my avataricious self (that would be Delia Yorfle, a name that seemed appealingly Dr. Seussish) standing on the helpfully-named Help Island with a lot of other debutantes, swinging my long brown pony tail, swishing my pink-sprigged butt, faling off platforms, walking into other avatars and immovable objects, jumping up and down aimlessly, blowing kisses at the air, and generally trying to figure out what was up with this. And a young avatar labeled Pierre something comes up to me. And greets me. In French.

The ensuing conversation (in French) went something like this (in translation).

Pierre: Good evening. How are things?

Ms. Yorfle: Good evening. Things are good.

Pierre: You're beautiful.

Ms. Yorfle: You're kidding.

Pierre: No. You must not say that. In this virtual world, you are beautiful.

Ms. Yorfle: You are kind. Well, goodbye. (I manage, at this point, to turn around and walk away.)

Pierre: (Following, at speed) Stay!

Ms. Yorfle: (Walks faster. Falls off cliff. Keeps walking)

Pierre: (Still following) There is a place nearby with a big bed.

Ms. Yorfle exits the program and I go and get a cup of tea.


Next time, I go look for a desert island to practice in.