November 12th, 2009

pirate + girl

"Prisoner" Portmeirion

When we were in Portmeirion in September (was that only two months ago? Tempus fugit in a big way), I thought I remembered talking to someone who was a huge "Prisoner" fan. I therefore bought a pamphlet called Portmeirion in "The Prisoner" and its History and a natty little badge of the "Prisoner" penny-farthing bicycle, trusting that I'd remember who they were destined for.

You know where this is going, right?

I've read the pamphlet, and it's dandy--not, certainly, a PopCult scholar's dream, but it covers all the basics, and has beautiful (if small) pictures--in color, too, unlike the show itself. And it's got a short history of Portmeirion itself, and some of the original maps and plans. It shouldn't get lost on my shelves. It should go to someone who would love it, long-term.

First come, first served. Second come gets the badge.