November 11th, 2009


Semi-Pro Theatricals

Tonight, we went to see Kira Kupfersberg and her friend Evangeline in a two-woman performance piece based on the Descent of Inanna.  It was down on St Marks Place, off 1st Avenue, in a little black box of a theatre downstairs from a tattoo parlor, with a bar backstage and maybe 40 seats--a Downtown Venue if I've ever seen one.

The performance itself was delightful--acted narrative interspersed with ballads about love and loss and death and dances on the same themes, performed by two young women who knew what they were doing and were having a good time.  Moments of inaction were attributed to a third actor's having been hired away on a paying gig two weeks ago.  But really, they did a remarkable job of covering for her absence.  We were probably the oldest members of the audience by at least 20 years, and all in all, it was an evening very well spent. 

And then, when I came home, Ari Berk had posted a link to Elizabeth-Jane Baldry's latest movie on FaceBook:

Elizabeth-Jane is a delightful woman, a composer and film-maker who is using her considerable talents to involve the whole town of Chagford in the making of increasingly professional and beautifully-produced movies based on Devon folk and fairy tale.  The latest is Sir Lanval, with a script by Elizabeth-Jane and the afore-mentioned Ari Berk, to be filmed on location in Chagford and (wait for it) Brittany, in the Foret de Broceliande (okay, Forest of Paimpoint--but I prefer Broceliande, even without the proper accents), under the auspices of the inimitable Claudine Glot, who wrote the introduction to the French edition of Ellen Kusher's Thomas the Rhymer, and is the director of the Arthurian Museum in the Castle of Comper.  All of which I find incredibly cool.

I love having talented friends who have the courage, the drive, and the organization to do what they love, even without the blessings of the Commercial Powers That Be.  These are amateurs in the original and non-pejoritive sense of the word, and I admire the hell out of them