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October 27th, 2009

Progress Report

I've got a complete draft of my circus vampire story.  It's got saggy bits and baggy bits, and I need to sort out the heroine's relationship with her body and her parents, not necessarily in that order.  I'll poke at it again tomorrow, then let it marinate until I can get home, print it out, and subject it to a final polish.

I've also got an actual plot for my next New York Between book, thanks to intense discussions over lunch the past two days, and many notes towards a proposal.

A short story and a novel proposal aren't a bad 9 days' work, even if neither is exactly done and dusted.

I've done some reading, too.  Justine Larbalastier's astonishing Liar, Sheridan LeFanu's seminal sexy-vampire story Carmilla, and the end of Thorne Smith's Topper, which I began on the plane.  I started Cherie Priest's Boneshaker, but since it belongs to someone else and I know I won't  finish it before I leave (not if I want to get through another draft of "Flying" and turn my plot notes for The Dragon of Wall Street into actual prose), I have (reluctantly) laid it aside.  You can be sure I'll be buying it at World Fantasy, though.  

Under other circumstances, I'd be telling you all about the street markets and the colors of the buildings and the restaurant with the all-matador decor and the stuffed bull by the front door and the wonderful jeweler from whom I bought Ellen's anniversary present and the antique shop with the wall o' angels and the Day of the Dead skeleton figures and the firecrackers going off all day Sunday.  And if I'm up at 4 again tomorrow morning (Mexican time), I may very well do that.  But really, I'd rather sleep.

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