October 16th, 2009



New on The Interfictions Annex, Mark Rich's "Stonefield" (www.interstitialarts.org/projects/rich_stonefield.php) about a man who haunts a small town, or perhaps a town that haunts a man.

". . . how strange, though, Michael thought, how he walked into the livery stables and saw himself so strongly sitting on a crate beside a short barrel, playing cards."

I've certainly felt that way in some of the historical places I've visited--perhaps most strongly at Gwydir Castle, and on a farm in Normandy, 15 years ago.  It couldn't be uncommon, or nobody would believe in past lives.  Take that feeling one step further, run it through the unique filter of a writer's consciousness, and you get. . . .  Well, a story Chris and I liked a lot.

And if you haven't read the earlier stories, you can do that, too.  They're all dandy.


Delia At The WFC

Here are my panels for WFC:

Friday    1:00 PM    Invention vs. Tradition

Readers like original stories that surprise them.  Readers like comfortable formulas that fulfill their expectations. What are the ways authors and editors deal with these two competing impulses?    John  Kessel, Richard  Lupoff, Beth  Meacham, Delia  Sherman, Daniel  Waters

Sunday    4:00 PM    Awards Postmortem

The judges of this year's World Fantasy Awards (Jenny Blackford, Peter Heck, Ellen Klages, Chris Roberson & Delia Sherman) will discuss the process of determining the nominees and the winners.

I am  looking forward to what everybody says about Invention vs. Tradition.  Maybe I'll moderate.

And I'm really looking forward to having a good old chin-wag with my fellow WFA judges.  We had a great time together in cyberspace, and I'm very excited about actually meeting Chris and seeing Jenny again (we met at Worldcon).