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October 12th, 2009

I Love My Job

I'm researching circus cat acts for a story destined for submission in a vampire anthology.  Given the fact that most people think cats are about as untrainable as Bandersnatches or Snarks, it's amazing that I found any at all, let alone the dozens I have just viewed--some of which are actually of private persons who have trained their cats to roll over, give high fives (!!!), and "lay down" just like dogs.  The cats don't lose any dignity in the process, mind you.  But sometimes the people do.

Most cat circuses are Russian, for some reason.  This was by far my favorite video of them all. 

The Static Trapeze

I've found a Trapeze Glossary on line, and several Circus Glossaries, but while they list some very cool-sounding tricks and moves (Angel; Reverse Angel; Bird's Nest; Amazon--and a bunch more I wrote down on a piece of paper somewhere that I now can't find), they don't say what they look like.  And I'd like to know what they look like, otherwise, I'm liable to write something unforgivably foolish, and we can't have that, can we?  No, we can't.

Anybody out there in LJ-land know anything about trapezes?  The circus I'm positing is a boutique circus, one tiny ring, not enough room or height for flying, so it's got to be stuff you can do on a static trapeze, preferably a frame rig (see, I've picked up something in all this research, just not enough).  There has to be a book out there, but I'm coming up empty--except for a book in French, available only in the UK, with pictures, for far too much money.

Back to You-Tube.  It doesn't give me the names of things, but it sure does give me the visuals.  And I need something to kick this story into life.  It's currently lying there on my desk with little x's over its hypothetical eyes.

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