August 23rd, 2009


Magic Trailer of the Mermaid Queen

Finally, finally, all the stars are aligned, all the ducks are in a row, the trailer is up on YouTube, and I've figured out how to load it (you already all knew I'm technologically challenged, right?)I love it to pieces.  Especially Astris's kitchen.  And Broadway.  And Chinatown.  And the Green Lady.  Oh, just all of it, really.

Many and heartfelt thanks to those who made it possible: ellen_kushner for writing the script; Alaya Dawn Johnson for climbing rocks in Central Park wearing high-heeled green suede boots so Lisa could photograph her as The Green Lady;  Anne Bobby for sweet talking a friend into lending her a studio to record the script; and most of all, conteurlisa , who made it all come together so beautifully and was so patient with my learning curve.

Oh, and sdn who bought the book in the first place and was such a princess about all my last-minute changes.