July 30th, 2009


Anticipation Schedule

Here's my schedule.  If anybody--up to two anybodies--who is well-read in YA and free at 5pm (or 17 heures) on Saturday, would like to come and help me out on the panel "Magic Stories," they would earn my undying gratitude, plus a small token of my esteem.

When: Fri 9:00
Title:  Why Write Across the Genres?
All Participants:  Delia Sherman, James Patrick Kelly, Preston
Grassmann, Ellen Klages
Description:  It isn't going to help the marketing, no one will know
what cover to put on it, or where to shelve it, so why do it?

When: Fri 11:00
Title:  Interview: Ellen Datlow, Delia Sherman: Editing and Writing
All Participants:  Delia Sherman, Ellen Datlow
Description:  A writer and editor talk about their relationship; how
short stories are edited; how an editor dialogs with the writer to
improve a story.

When: Fri 12:30
Title:  Delia Sherman Signing

When: Sat 17:00
Title:  Magical Stories
Session ID:  847
All Participants:  Delia Sherman
Description:  YA stories for the middle school ages (12 - 15).

When: Sat 21:00
Title:  What Our Things Say About Us
All Participants:  Catherynne Valente, Delia Sherman, James Cambias,
Mindy Klasky
Description:  That collection of kibble you are hiding under the bed
is a lot more revealing than your palm.

When: Sun 15:30
Title:  Kaffeeklatsch:  Delia Sherman and Ellen Kushner
All Participants:  Delia Sherman, Ellen Kushner
Description:  A chance to ask those burning questions.