July 29th, 2009


Home Again

No, we didn't run away to Maine forever.  Although it was a near thing.  If it hadn't been for the fact that the fog was so bad you couldn't even see the rugosa hedge, plus it was raining, plus it was getting hot, plus the humidity was finding points to hit above 100%, we might be there yet.  But that would have meant missing spending time with friends in Kittery, and when would we get ready for WorldCon?

So we drove home yesterday, to stacks of mail and screens of unanswered email (because what's the use of reading it if you can't answer it?) and bags of dirty laundry and many things that have to be dealt with before leaving again.  The only downside of The Glamorous Life is that it doesn't have a pause button. 

I promised a con report, didn't I?  Well, maybe when the dust has settled a little.  Saturday?