May 10th, 2009

Quzzical Spock


Thanks to glvalentine for making me this spiffy icon, for my more quizzical moments.

I do love me that old-time Star Trek.

And no, I haven't seen the new movie yet. But I intend to, which is more than I can say for anything else that's out there now. To get me into a theatre, a movie's gotta pass the DTWOF test (more than two women, talking to each other, about something other than men), not be All About Blowing Things Up, have a semi-intelligent script. Oh, and costumes. I'm willing to suspend the DTWOF rule for cool costumes and tall ships. In fact, if it's pretty enough to look at, I'll even put up with a stupid script. But I'll complain about it.

P.S. How do you do italics and journal links when you post on-line? I usually do it through X-Journal, which does the formatting for me. I thought I had the right commands (and they seem to work when I'm commenting) but I just got an error message and now I'm confused.