April 29th, 2009


Author Pix

So I spent the better part of the afternoon in full war-paint, sitting in strange and not particularly comfortable positions, lifting my chin, turning my head a little towards (or away from) the light, dropping my chin, looking into the camera lens, and smiling, smiling, smiling.

Luckily, the photographer (the lovely and talented Laurence Tamaccio, who also oversaw the renovation of our apartment) is a fricking genius. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the shots he took after we did the "Grown-up Lady Author" shots (with and without glasses). The hats are modern, by the way. I got the cloche in the Village and the purple number at a crafts fair.

You know, I don't hate them. It's a first. My only question is: Why doesn't my hair look like my icon's?