April 18th, 2009

Magic Mirror

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A large envelope came yesterday, bearing author's copies of Troll's Eye View! Ain't it beautiful? The grayish leaves around the edges are actually shiny black, and the title's shiny-wet lipstick red, and it's altogether one of the coolest covers ever.

What's inside isn't too shabby either. Wonderful, creepy, funny, mind-bending stories of Real Villainous Shenannigans by Garth Nix! Wendy Froud! Nina Kiriki Hoffman! Peter S. Beagle! Ellen Kushner! Joseph Stanton! Holly Black! Jane Yolen! Nancy Farmer! Michael Cadnum! Catherynne Valente! Midori Snyder! Neil Gaiman! Kelly Link!

And me, Delia, but I'm guessing you'd figured that out.

You all go out and buy it, now.