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March 20th, 2009

Beat, Beat: Tiger Beat

Part of David Levithan's wonderful Teen Author Festival this week was the World Premiere Debut of the fab band Tiger Beat at Books of Wonder last night.

These guys are GOOD. Barnabas Miller and Daniel Ehrenhaft on lead guitar and drums, Natalie Standiford on bass, and the multi-talented Libba Bray on vocals just rocked the house down. There have been some good events at BOW, but this one took the chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and the little candy violet on top (on sale at the Cupcake Cafe, attached for your reading and eating pleasure).

Anyway. There was this point where Libba was singing her heart out and this little girl (like, maybe 2 years old, and clearly slated to grow up to be a performer) wandered up to her, and Libba knelt down and sang to her. Why this should have brought tears to my eyes, I don't know. But it was just so--well, cute. And resonant.

See, this is why I write fiction. I can never quite manage to say what I mean when I'm doing it straight out.

In any case, the whole experience was grand, and washed me home on a wave of good feelings and joy. Which was conducive to prompt and efficient packing, so I'd have time to write this post this morning before we have to leave for the plane.

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