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February 6th, 2009


David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer have taken "Gift From A Spring" for Years Best Fantasy 9!!!! What I understand is that Tor is going to issue it as an e-book, with a POD trade paperback available I'm not sure where. Cutting edge publishing for sure.

I'm so pleased. "Gift" is a story very close to my heart. Well, they all are, of course--authors love all their stories equally. Even you, "That Fleeting Season," although you took me almost a year to write and never really lived up to my expectations. . . .


"Gift From a Spring" is a kind of imaginative riff on the farm in Southwestern France where I spent my 50th birthday with 25 of my closest friends, drinking Mr. Fabre's wine, going to markets and castles, taking walks in the woods--and sitting and reading with my feet in a spring that clearly used to be a public wash house, because it was so hot that summer that I very nearly melted. The place really used to be an arts camp, run by an English artist and his ex-ballerina wife--neither of whom, as far as I can tell, were the least like the couple in the story. I had a wonderful time writing that story, looking at photos (I'd just gotten my first digital camera) and reading the little pamphlet about the artist and his art and the camp he founded, and generally reliving one of the better summers of my adulthood. So I'm glad it's being reprinted. And I'm very pleased that it's made the Locus Poll, too--the first of my stories (I think) to have done so.

Color me very happy indeed. And check Tor.com for news about Years Best Fantasy 9. They're going to be giving away batches of stories as promotions before the book as a whole is available. Who knows? "Gift" might be among them.

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