November 30th, 2008


A Last (I Hope) Cry For Kindling Help

With the kind assistance of doctorwicked (upon whose head be the blessings of the technophobe, for he is non-technical and clear), I have successfully formatted .rtf and Word docs into .txt with carriage returns and everything, just like a real manuscripts. Now I have to load them onto my Kindle.

I'm sure this is perfectly easy. A five year old chimp could probably do it with her eyes closed and all four limbs tied behind her back. But I've utterly exhausted my small stock of patience for poring through Amazon's self-congratulatory explanations of how to perform tasks I don't want to perform. What I want--what I need--is to meet some New York LJ-er for coffee, Kindle and computer in hand, and have them walk me through what I need to do to make this thing work for me. Step by kind step. More than once. Slowly, so I can take notes when I forget, which I inevitably will.

What you'll get out of this: a signed copy of anything you like (providing I've written it), plus the beverage and nosh of your choice at any eatery in Manhattan.

This week would be prime, since next weekend I'm going to be spending many hours on a train to and from Boston for a bar mitzvah and hope to get many stories read. Next week is also possible.