November 24th, 2008


Request for Computer Help

I am faced with many fine submissions to Interfictions 2, the imminent arrival of my Kindle, and the necessity of loading the former onto the latter in as reader-friendly a format as possible, so I can start the official Reading Period on Dec. 1, as promised. The stories have mostly been sent in .rtf files.

Here are my questions. Do I have, have, have to do the relay through Amazon and email (realizing that I'm probably never going to do it through wireless because the reception in my house stinks and I hate paying small fees when I don't have to)? Do I have to translate the .rtf files into Word files? And if I do, what do I do about the fact that all the paragraph indents inevitably disappear from the text, making them confusing and hard to read?

Inquiring minds want to know.