November 6th, 2008


Kindling Questions

For reasons mostly having to do with reading lots and lots and lots of wonderful e-submissions for Interfictions 2, I'm contemplating the purchase of an e-reader. Insofar as I'm capable of doing the research (not being able to understand much of what I find being the limitation here), I've done it, and I've kind of narrowed my choice down to Cybook and Kindle.

So which to choose?

The cost seems pretty much of a muchness (high, but I've taken a deep breath and decided it's worth it), and the technology is similar. I'm a little worried about the feasibility of using something that's always connected to the internet (the Kindle) on an airplane. But the screen on the Cybook looks kind of mingy to me.

You know, I'm really very good at making decisions about things like what I want for dinner and what color to paint the kitchen (usually rust or green). But electronics? Feh. I need help.