October 19th, 2008


Over the Pond

We're off again.

EK's The Privilege of the Sword is being published in France, and she has been invited to be a guest at Utopiales in Nantes. I am, of course, a Spouse in Tow, which is going to be restful. My intention is to hold down the bar, visit the art exhibition, buy a few bandes dessinees, explore Nantes, and generally behave like the Fan/Tourist I am, while Ellen (the Consummate Professional) is interviewed, photographed, introduced, and flung to les loups on panels where everyone (including her) is speaking French.

Heh. Heh.

But first, we're going to Amsterdam (one of our favorite cities in the world) and Paris (ditto, with bells on). And I'm taking my computer. I told everybody at last week's KGB I wasn't going to, but that's before Ellen's hard drive started making unhappy and scary noises and crashing at irregular intervals. So I will be blogging--intermittently, depending on internet access.

Next stop: The Netherlands.