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October 10th, 2008

Art is Life, and vice versa

My week:

Monday: Final, final, final version of The Magic Mirror of the Mermaid Queen handed in to the beautiful and talented sdn, who sent it right off to the copy editor (who is probably also beautiful and talented, but I don't know who it is, so I can't encourage him/her personally). It was EK's birthday, so we went out to dinner at Dervish, which is a very good Turkish restaurant in the Theatre District, and then to a reading of an adaptation of an Arecino comedy called "The Horse's Ass," which was a total (but fascinating) mess and deserves a post all to itself, but probably won't get one.

Wednesday Night-Thursday: Yom Kippur at the Society for the Advancement of Judaism, whose cantor has a glorious voice and whose prayerbook transliterates the most important bits into roman letters, for those of us whose Hebrew is, er, a work in progress. The SAJ being very near Central Park, our traditional mid-afternoon constitutional took us to the Reservoir. There were ducks, hundreds of them, I'm guessing on their way South, doing that cute diving thing ducks do, then bobbing up again like bath toys. And these were mergansers, little things with bright round white heads, so the bath-toy thing was particularly apposite. Then we walked over to the north edge of the Great Lawn and watched the cool, high-tech strollers and tiny, silky dogs and kids (with and without wheels), and tourists from Foreign Parts with maps and fanny packs and cameras, just like Americans abroad. And then it was back to the synagogue for more singing and praying and waiting for it to be sunset so we could eat again. Which we did, at a friend's house. Which was lovely.

Friday: Final version of "How the Pooka Came to New York City" handed in to editor, along with an EK story for the same anthology. If she can't take both, she should take Ellen's, because it's So Perfect for this anthology. Really. Then Ellen's brother and sister-in-law came for the weekend, and we took them out to dinner and then to a concert at Symphony Space. A double bill: Les Charbonniers d'Enfer--that's the Coalmen from Hell--but more proximately from Quebec and Kathy Mattea, who sang selections from her new album of coal mining songs--two of them written by Jean Ritchie, whose music party we went to last month (I think it was last month, anyway--maybe it was late August). Anyway, both were prime, and a good time was had by all.

Tired, but happy. That's me.

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