August 23rd, 2008


Guilty Pleasures

So you know how when you're sick you get tired of reading and need to watch you some good trash? For Christmas, my friend Andrew gave me Season 1 of "Hex," and we hadn't watched it yet, and I thought, "Well, why not?"


There's nothing like watching something like this all in a 3-day span, the beginning of it slightly fevered. Granted, the occasional lapses in logic do tend to pop out, but who cares? I gotta say, not a big fan of Cassie. And I wish the 20's ghost had had a bigger part and they'd done more with that fascinating Egyptian fragment in the library (maybe the school had to sell it--there had to have been a lot of expenses associated with all the mayhem at Medenham Hall--not quite as bad as Sunnydale High, but close). Mostly, I loved it. Azazeal is yummy, especially as the witchfinder, in a little vandyke beard and long hair. And Thelma, while utterly lacking in gorm, is both clever and charming.

It seems clear to me that whoever developed this series had seen Buffy and been influenced by it, but not unduly. I actually think it beats Buffy all hollow in the depiction of pure evil. There were scenes with both Azazeal and Jez that were genuinely painful to watch because their temptations were aimed at a character's good qualities rather than their weakness.

Is Season 2 available anywhere? Talk about your cliffhangers!