August 17th, 2008

La Loge


Tonight, we finally managed to see Hair. I'm full of complicated thoughts having to do with war, the 60's, innocence, and nostalgia, which I'm much too tired to go into at the moment. All I'll say is: 1) I'm glad our house guests wanted to go badly enough to wait in line for tickets for 6 hours, because I sure wouldn't have done it; 2) It was a good, solid production; 3) I miss my hair. It wasn't all that long in 1967, but by 1972, when I graduated college, it was well below my waist. I would certainly never grow it that long again--it was a pain in the neck to wash, for one thing, and it tangled if you looked at it cross-eyed. And the in-between stages are neither fun nor attractive. But it was fun to play with.