June 22nd, 2008

TUH Dreadful

Communication Glitch

To all those kind souls commenting on my LJ and emailing me with birthday wishes:

My computer is on the outs with the Internet. Sometimes they speak, more often they don't, and even initially successful interviews have a way into degenerating, without notice, into stony silence. It's definitely my computer, not the network, since Ellen isn't having any trouble. Given houseguests and immediate travel plans, I'm unlikely to get it fixed before next month.

So please, excuse any silence or non-responsiveness. When I can get my mail, I will. When I can send a response, I will. But I can't predict when, or even if, that will happen on any given day.

I can feel a post on the dangers of Internet-dependency coming on. But I probably won't be able to post it.