May 30th, 2008


Equal Marriage Petition

Wonderful news from both California and our own New York, where we're married, even if most of our friends can't be. Things are looking as if they're moving in the right direction, but if the Right Wingnuts have anything to say about it, we'll all be back living without rights before the cat can lick her ear. They're collecting signatures to put that awful Marriage Amendment into the Constitution. The least we can do is collect signatures to keep it out.

The Human Rights Campaign is, in fact, doing that thing. If you go to this , you can add to those signatures. And you can tell your friends. Let's harness the power of LJ to give GLBT couples and their children the legal protection that will make fulfilling their responsibilities easier.

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Belatedly, I have discovered what tags are good for.

Is there some simple way I can go back and put tags on previous posts, so I can collect posts on like subjects together if I want? Remember I am a Very Simple Organism, computererily speaking, who can follow Simple Instructions.